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Registration is now CLOSED.

Thank you to everyone joining us this weekend.
Let’s create some dance magic together!

4 main reasons

why you should come to

Zagreb Salsa Marathon

5 top DJs to make you dance your shoes off

Dmitri, Sergio, Morena, Gašper & Jakov

3 fabulously groovy night parties

Jackets, dresses, sequins, bow ties & pearls. Feel free to go all out.

2 salsa & chill afternoon socials

Keeping it casual, cozy & chill.

1 salsa picnic: open-air social

Bring your dance shoes & a picnic blanket and see you at the park!
Besides great music, we’re sure you’ll appreciate

A gorgeous venue with a hardwood floor

Situated in the heart of the city, our venue - Croatian Journalists' Association - is minutes away from all the major sights.

The venue has a hardwood floor, a lovely terrace and a really cool bar on the ground floor (Jiggy bar).

For all of you outdoorsy types…

Unforgettable Open Air Gazebo Social

Get your comfy shoes on for dancing in one of the most beautiful parks in Zagreb - Park Zrinjevac. Our DJs will be there to make the whole city dance on Sunday afternoon!

If you are the touristy type that likes to explore new cities

Spring is the best time of the year to visit Zagreb. Vivid colors, busy cafes and daisies blooming everywhere.